Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Public Apology: Misdefined

I can't remember how many people I've told the story of Faramir and Eowyn, but I would like to make the best amends possible by publicly making available an apology, a retraction, a correction. The contextual imagery convinced my child's mind years ago that "trothplight" meant marry. It does not. Through some annoying fluke of English, the word is a descriptive synonym of betroth. I don't understand why Faramir and Eowyn would be publicly betrothed after she already said yes, he already kissed her, etc. Nor do I get why her hand was placed in his; that symbolism belongs to marriage. However, it seems inescapable that Tolkien did mean to indicate some courtly formal custom of public engagement rather than a marriage.

I am quite sure (from some appendix or timeline in some editorial posthumous publication) that Faramir and Eowyn were soon thereafter married. Hopefully you are reassured.

If there are any who heard me tell the story differently, based on a false impression of the indication given by the archaic "trothplight," and they do not read this blog, it serves them right. Friends should read friends' blogs. I do promise not to elsewhere perpetuate my misunderstanding any longer, however.

To God be all glory.

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Don't worry about it, Lisa. Something like this happened to me last summer. :-P