Sunday, May 27, 2007

Iowa State University Astronomer Denied Tenure

In further intelligent design supression news, I just found this article by Ken Connor concerning an Iowa State professor who was denied tenure due to, according to available information, his belief in (not teaching of) intelligent design. His peer-reviewed papers, which are required for tenure consideration, did not deal with the intelligent design premises. He is a published author, writing on the evidence for design he discovered in his field of astronomy. The book is titled Privileged Planet.

My thoughts are:
  1. Censoring professors for a legitimate scientific conclusion at an educational institution is disturbing. Are they teaching students objective thinking or dogma?
  2. If the evolutionary establishment is so concerned about the threat to their theory from intelligent design that they cannot allow a believer in it to enter their privileged ranks, what does that say about the confidence they have in their own conclusions?
  3. I must acknowledge, however, that as it is illogical to believe in a theory without true supporting evidence, a coherent definition, or consistency - it would be unfair to expect these believers to act logically toward a colleague.

We most hope reason will shine through (the evolutionists will see the evidence for design) and justice will prevail (the professor will be esteemed and rewarded for his intelligence and hard work).

Meanwhile, Dr. Paleo has informed the blog world that the Institute for Creation Research will be launching a scientific journal soon, in which exiled members of the scientific community can engage in intellectually honest productive research sharing for the benefit of our world.

To God be all glory.

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