Friday, May 04, 2007

Strong Wives for Strong Men

"You asked me the other day why a guy would ever want to marry a strong woman when he could choose instead a sweet and naturally submissive woman...

"When I asked your dad this question, he just snorted with laughter. To him it seems so obvious... 'If a man is going to do hard things, he will probably want a wife who will be a bit spirited, but have real backbone.' "

Thanks to Ladies Against Feminism which linked to this article. I like the point she made that a strong man would seek a strong wife. In fact Proverbs 31 advises a man to seek a woman who is strong, using the Hebrew: chayil meaning "strength, might, efficiency, wealth, army." It is the word translated "man of valour" 37 times in the King James, referring to Gideon, Jepthah, Boaz, David, Jeroboam, and Naaman besides the description of the Proverbs 31 "virtuous woman."

Please read this. Anne's thoughts for her daughter are good for both men and women, married and single. And don't forget that strong is not domineering. Submission to God makes all strength a blessing and brings glory to Him.

It also reminds me of a couple posts from Young Ladies Christian Fellowship, which I actually printed to keep in my journal. The main article was entitled Perfect Strength, Perfect Beauty. That was a compilation of quotes on the Manliness & Femininity article.

"If men were simply strong, and women simply soft, I think we might find ourselves in a very unbalanced society. Think of the strong and courageous women in the Bible. I think they were much more concerned about that than being beautiful. Consider the men who chose a soft response, rather than showing off strength. I think those examples are truly powerful." - from YLCF

"A Godly man will recognize that she is able to do it, but will also have the servant’s heart, strength, and courage to do it for her. It is an attitude of biblical manliness that says, “Christ instructed us men to serve the ladies as Christ served His bride (the church).” This mindset says, “Because I am a man and I recognize my calling of being a Servant-leader let me have the privilege to serve you.” This is why your statement Sarah of “A man's perfect strength, if it exists, inspires me (a naturally strong leader) to follow” is true! It is easier to follow a young man’s leadership, regardless of his age, when he is being a servant-leader as Christ was." - from YLCF

To God be all glory.

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Greg said...

thanks for the link to my post on the church as family. there is a hunger among believers for something more than the regular "come and look at the back of someone else's head while listening to others talk" community.

after reading some of your writings it is obvious to me why you are writing things that receive few comments. most young people your age are not where you are in terms of maturity, expectations for your life and commitments to the Father. you really narrow down your audience when you choose to walk such a narrow path.

when i began my blog writing i was determined to have an audience of One. keep writing for Him and I suspect He will bring the readers you are to have.