Friday, September 22, 2006

The Anti-Star

Stars. For as long as there have been movies, there have been stars. Even before there was audio with the movies, before there was color, before there were computer generated graphics - there were stars.

I like movies with unknown people. Low budget, outside of Hollywood movies are some of my favorite to watch. Sure, the acting isn't always that great. But consider: sometimes you stumble upon a great actor or actress of whom none of your friends has heard.

Our culture craves stars. We're devoted fans of famous people. I mean devoted. We watch all their movies, know all their stats, vote for them every time.

However, we also like to root for the underdog. The American dream, Cinderella rising from the ashes of servitude to appreciation as the princess of the land, has an appeal to our own dreams. So when we discover the little guy making it anywhere close to big, it is inspiring. It is our little secret encouraging thought.

Tom Cruise did not get his contract renewed by Paramount. To tell the truth, I just figured out which actor he was this year. And I don't care. I think it's a sign, though, that our fascination with stardome is waning. We the media-loving public are just as willing to be entertained by a short clip or homemade movie on Youtube or Everyday News or one made by our friends as a big, mass-advertised Hollywood movie.

This is more than a rebellion against movie ticket prices. It is more than convenience. The trend to the little guy is an indication of a shift in outlook. As the economy progresses with telecommunications technology, I think the whole way we do life and business will move back into a localized model. Businesses will be run out of the home on the internet. Sales will be between neighbors, who talk to each other. Church will be localized (with a big missions focus, though). And entertainment will also be what it used to: friends gathering to share stimulating forms of media be it a family around a book at the home library or buddies linking to a clip on the web.

What do you think?

To God be all glory.


hilts said...

COOL! That means one day I'll be able to (re)make THE LORD OF THE RINGS; and do it RIGHT. ;)

Lisa of Longbourn said...

I think someone is catching up on my blog. Hey, that's why I write it.
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn