Saturday, September 30, 2006


Why when you pick a nice warm sweater on a brisk day do you end up pushing up the sleeves? Why when you wear 3/4 sleeves do they seem to annoy you by bunching right where your arm bends (just like capris at your knees)? Why when you wear short sleeves do your arms a) glare their untanned whiteness, b) feel cold, c) look hairy? Oh, and the sleeves tend to look unfashionable!

Have you ever found yourself changing the position of your sleeves every 30 seconds, shoving them up out of your way, then back down because you're cold, then back up as a nervous habit? I've seen people roll the sleeves of their dress shirts. They roll it under, I think. Some blouses have little tabs that button up rolled sleeves. How did Eowyn do it?

To God be all glory.

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