Saturday, September 09, 2006

Summer Past

In two hours it will be September 10th. It's one of those moments when life seems to have gone by quickly. Lanier posted about the end of happy summer days on YLCF. I wanted to cry out, "No! Wait. I didn't enjoy them enough. I only went swimming once. I had to work. Summer can't be over!"

Since this week went by so fast, it highlights the speed at which summer flew. The week was so busy, but fulfilling. I'll have reminders of the productivity of my week for months to come. That's what life should be.

Despite all the rain we've been getting here, the weather is cooler, and the ground knows autumn is coming. Instead of being rich summer green, the lawn is fading. We broke out the sweaters a few weeks ago. The crispness in the air is tantalizing. I want to go out in it, properly swathed in layers of wool and fleece, and enjoy its freshness on my face. Over the horizon the moon is big and red, but it looks a little askew, as though someone kicked it, and it tipped.

I wrote this a long time ago. My poetry doesn't win any awards, but it provides a way to end my post! = )

Adventure stirs withing the soul
People go crunching by
Once green leaves turn to bright gold
Migrating geese southward fly.

Sweaters pulled close against the wind
Beneath a thin grey sky
Soft, drenching rain soaks to the skin
Bleared sunlight seems to lie.

For warmth and green are passing quick
Pale brown the grass is now
Scent of smoke outside drifts thick
Leaves are on the ground.

Just after harvest first snow falls
Evenings are spent inside
Bright leaves carpet tree-pillared halls
Where autumn secrets hide.
To God be all glory.

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