Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Flutter of One Wing

An etymology website reminded me the other day to try to cut out "ing" and "it", the latter especially to start a clause. In Old English, the author of the site said, "It is raining" was impossible. One had to say, "The rain falls," or "The rain floods." Wouldn't that make language more alive?

One of my passions is how little decisions affect your life. Little changes affect revolution. One vote changes the course of the history. This article, from Kingdom Building Ministries, talks about that very thing. I recommend it.

The Butterfly Effect, as a principle, is also a fascinating concept related to my passion for time and time travel. What happens if you go into the future and change something? What if you go into the past? Does that sufficiently change the future which was your present so that you're no longer in the past - or maybe even your present? Irrelevant, I know, since I don't actually believe (theologically, not scientifically) that time travel is possible. Perhaps I love time travel because that concept demonstrates the butterfly effect with the most impact.

Speaking of impact, Kingdom Building is dedicated to maximizing the impact of Christian service through their speaking ministry and through their "institutes." If you're interested in a semester mission experience/education, check out the rest of their website.

To God be all glory.

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