Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joel Rosenberg Explains Current Iran & Russia Events

...And I mean explains, but in the short version. To read this post is not to read the book, Epicenter, but believe me, he has more facts to back up these bullet points than what he quotes in this article.

Sometimes the world is too much with which to keep up, I know. If you are considering your vote for presidential elections, let me advise you to be up on world events. For example, did you know 102 people died in a terroist attack/assassination attempt in Pakistan today? Please vote for a president who will be not only willing, but also able to deal with the threats of Iran's attempts or attainment of nuclear weaponry.

And as Mr. Rosenberg himself admonishes, don't forget to pray. If these are the events in prophecy, they are associated both with divine judgment, divine protection, and divinely-instigated revival. Be ready to be a part. Share the gospel. Pray some more. Pray for our leaders to have wisdom.

To God be all glory.

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