Monday, October 01, 2007


Mixed Breed Piglets in Apple Cart by Lynn Stone
Mixed Breed Piglets in Apple Cart

Since I was little, I have loved debate. Even if the debate is not particularly about arguing or winning. What appeals to me is discussing interesting topics in an intellectual manner. You learn. You're challenged. And you really get to know people: what they believe, whether they are geniuses, how they think, and how they communicate.

That's why, long ago when I first encountered Pigfests, I was excited. This is my kind of thing. I like to read about them, but I'd rather do them. My problem is that I don't know a lot of people willing to invest the time in a Pigfest with me. I can't figure out why the people I know don't read blogs, don't write letters, don't debate, don't sew, don't style long hair... Some do, but not enough to get a group together for this.

Whenever I go on retreats through church, I dream of weekend-long Pigfests, interrupted only long enough to sleep, to sing, to pray, and to put in the bites of food. My dreams are usually disappointed. There are other things accomplished there, probably what should be accomplished. It's ok. I just keep longing for the Pigfest.

Now I know you're all sitting there, reading, and wondering when I'm going to get around to explaining what a Pigfest is and how it got its name. Sorry. Not going to. First, you could click on the link. Usually I put links in for a reason. Second, you could Google it. Google answers everything. Third, you could comment and ask me, or talk to me when you see me next. That way I'm more likely to drag you into my first hosting of a Pigfest.

The plan, forming in my fingers as I type, is to celebrate my birthday in December with a Do-Something Weekend. Included will be some sort of political or social involvement project, a showing of Amazing Grace, and a long Pigfest, including some simple food, like Pizza. I love Pizza almost as much as Pigfests.

If you are a distant reader, maybe I'll host a Pigfest in the comment section here for my birthday. If that is the case, I'll start then by explaining what a Pigfest is. So there is option four. You can keep reading my blog until December, when I'll tell you the coveted definition.

To God be all glory.

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