Friday, October 26, 2007

Wordpress Pros and Cons

Is it ok to brag about Wordpress on Blogger? Because I am.

I had the nicest day. First thing I love about Wordpress is how easy adding is. I do have a column over at my shadow blog of the things I've been reading online. I may eventually get ambitious and add the list here, too.

The second thing I am just jumping up and down about is "tag surfer" where I can read recent posts with topics similar to my recent posts. The main problem is that I have been tagging my posts extensively, and using fairly common words like: media and politics which don't mean the same to every blogger as they do to me.

In fairness to Blogger, I must praise their free HTML access, which Wordpress doesn't have. The theme I selected is beautiful, but the sidebar is too narrow; a dropdown list for archives or something goes off the page. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the features.

To God be all glory.

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