Friday, October 19, 2007

He's Got our Old Friends in His Hands

A long time ago (read: three or four years) I attended a Bible study for people of college age, though I'd say less than half of the regular attendees were enrolled at college. There I met some friends whom I never want to release, and others with whom I have since lost all contact. For some only suspected and rumored reason, the group dissolved about two years ago. There were some members of the group that I felt responsible for, in a superior sort of way, I guess. One had only begun an interest in God about a year before the group stopped meeting; many were in financial straits; some lacked almost all sense of responsibility. And while I attended I saw them as a sort of ministry or mission field, by an example, prayer, and very occasional word.

Since then I haven't heard from them, and I worried that they weren't going to church anywhere, and that they weren't growing in their faith. Before accusing me of pride or judgmentalism, I might as well confess sometimes I wondered the same things of myself.

Anyway, tonight I was delighted to reconnect with two of them at another college-age Bible study, and to learn that whatever we'd all been through, even though I wasn't "taking care of them," God was. That's nice to know.

In fact, it was so nice to know that I could barely keep my seat. My enthusiasm begged me to call someone, jump up and down, offer hugs, pray, and/or write smiley faces all over my journal. God is so good.

This has been my experience in reuniting with old friends. Typically they are still the same people I knew (no major personality or spirituality changes, though they may have college degrees and spouses now). Whatever God has brought to my mind to pray for them in the intervening time turns out to have been relevant. And they have usually made steps forward in their faith.

All this to say God's grace and power are so amazing. And I can't wait for the permanent reunion in Heaven. If I want to jump up and down now, how will I feel then?

To God be all glory.

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