Friday, October 26, 2007

Vision Forum Catalog

The new Vision Forum catalog is out, and I am thrilled with their choice of covers. In casually following Doug's Blog, that is the picture out of the many posted this year that I want to hang on my wall. Can't you hear the boys shouting? Does your spirit not thrill with the potential in those enthusiastic young men?

As has become an annual event, I want at least a tenth of the items in the catalog. Those who say they want everything have got to be kidding. Every sword, doll, CD, book? Even ones they already own? Never mind. Because I don't even have the $1,000 I want to spend on the tenth.

Two exciting things to point out.
  1. There is a creationist viewpoint book on Egyptology. Having just purchased a membership to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which has a little mummy display, I'm fascinated. What do the hieroglyphics on the coffins say? Who were the mummies, and how can so many intelligent, important people have died without trusting in God for their salvation? What's with all the paganism? Dolls serve you in the afterlife? Come on. Not to mention the typically evolutionary timelines refuted in this book. Are you not fascinated with pyramids? We just watched the Prince of Egypt again in our house today. Isn't Egypt captivating?
  2. I have no idea what it is, and I think Vision Forum planned it that way. You can go there, but all it says is the same as the catalog: Coming Soon.

To God be all glory.

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Lady Rael said...

Greetings, Lady Lisa!

I've been excited about the new catalog, too, and quite curious about this Behemoth website! My older brother has been listening to VF CDs recently, so I might end up getting him something from there for Christmas and *aherm* listening to/reading said item after he's done. ;-) Anyways, I hope you're having a delightful autumn, and staying warm and cozy with plenty to do!

In Christ,
~Lady Rael~