Monday, October 01, 2007

Mike Huckabee

The beginning of summer, 2007, I was tired of politics. How on earth could anyone be supporting a presidential candidate before you even knew anything about them, or who was running? I did some analyses of candidates early on (McCain, Giuliani, Romney), but eventually decided that until they were willing to make up their minds on topics, I'd not decide who to support. There can be a benefit to paying attention early, certainly, so that you know how much support they had early on, weird things they said, and issues in which their position flipped.

Now I have to accept that primaries are drawing near. The autumn drive to do something has come, more powerful at times than spring fever. Campaigning is on. Most of the candidates who will announce have announced, and those who are still on the fence are well-known enough to allow me to decide.

Let me tell you the main factors by which I made my decision:

  1. Are they anti-abortion? Do their values allign with mine?

  2. Are they Christian? What kind of role does their faith play? Are they sincere?

  3. What is their fiscal/tax policy?

  4. Are they sane enough to understand the necessity for an international war on terror that does not involve surrender?

  5. Have they read the Constitution?

  6. Are they good speakers?

  7. Do they have executive governing skills, or would their services be better geared to legislative, judicial, or activist fields?

  8. (I confess:) Do they have enough support to potentially win?

Though the last point still has me worried, I have come to a decision. Those most likely to win the Republican nomination are unacceptable to me, so I might as well do what I can, take responsibility, and promote a candidate whom I support. The man is Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas. Almost a direct opposite to another governor of Arkansas who became President, Huckabee has been married to his wife since she graduated high school. They have three kids. She's involved in community service on a massive level. Through potentially crippling cancer early in their marriage, Huckabee stuck by her. As governor, he cut taxes and worked with a Democrat-controlled legislature to pass pro-family, fiscally-responsible reforms in his state.

I've heard him speak, especially at the Values Voter debate which Jesse and Crystal live-blogged for us all. His rhetoric is good in content and presentation. He's winning, clear, and can get a lot of well-thought ideas into a short alotment of time.

His stands on the afore-listed Longbourn Litmus Test:

  1. He is anti-aborition, in fact originally beginning political involvement to combat abortion (legalized by Roe v. Wade within a decade of his high school graduation). I don't like his statement, "With respect to stem cells, I support federal funding of research using existing stem cell lines," because of more fiscal/constitutional reasons, that the Constitution makes it illegal to support even medical research with federal money. That's not why the federal government exists. In other values, he is right on, in no way supporting civil unions or the redefinition of marriage. He is a promoter of school choice.

  2. Former Governor Huckabee is also a former pastor in a Baptist church, and remains active in his church. He has a statement declaring that his faith will affect his decisions, because it is part of who he is.

  3. Fiscally, as I said, he is too much willing to use federal money on unconstitutional programs. However, his Fair Tax and healthcare ("It is time to recognize that jobs don't need health care, people do, and move from employer-based to consumer-based health care.") proposals make excellent and well-received economic sense.

  4. Contary to a popular campaign position that says all we need to do is leave Iraq, Huckabee understands the global war that has been and is repeatedly being declared against the US. He has extensive statements on his plans for winning in Iraq and the world.

  5. Hm. He seems to know that states have rights, probably from his governor days. Huckabee supports the Second Amendment, and believes in a Constitutional Amendment on the Right to Life. I wish he had read the Federalist Papers, too. Then again, our country is not ready for a revolutionary return to the strict boundaries set by the constitution. This candidate would be a huge step in the right direction.

  6. He is a good speaker, as I said above.

  7. Among the Republican Presidential Candidates, there are not many who really have the wide perspective and skills required to lead such an amazing nation as the fifty United States of America. To be commander in chief, a world figure, a leader of the American people, a political driver, and policy head, while still maintaining any sense of coherence, let alone values, is a huge job. Single-issue men or those who talk constantly of laws are not qualified to be president. Huckabee has been a governor, what's more a unique governor, uniting legislatures and the voting public to common goals. With the political reality in Washington, D.C. that the next president will almost certainly face, such experienced and successful leadership is a must.

  8. Polls are showing remarkable support for a man who is not widely covered by the media or even supported by the major conservative talkshow hosts I listen to. Loyal New Yorker Sean Hannity is throwing his support so far behind socially-liberal Giuliani. Hugh Hewitt likes Romney. Others have been excited about Fred Thompson. None of those men has strong Christian faith and consistent social values. The people of America want answers and sincerity. They need leadership. The conservatives are tired of their elected leaders compromising, betraying their base, or not getting anything done. Huckabee is the solution.

I encourage you to do two things:

1. Go to Huckabee's website and read his statements on the Issues. Also check out the Blog, which has a late-September entry on Huckabee's position on Foreign Policy.

2. Watch the Values Voter Debate. Analyze the candidates there. Analyze those who were not present, what their answers would have been, and why they didn't come. Which candidates are presidential material?

Even if you are not of voting age, you can have an influence on your parents and friends. At least get them to think about the issues raised here!

I am also willing to take challenges, questions, or suggestions about other candidates in the comment section. If this post or the links have made you think, speak up!

To God be all glory.

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