Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Shaping of Things to Come Part 8

From the Shaping of Things to Come, page 69: “It seems most churches that don’t have their own sanctuary building are devoted to getting one, but we’re not so sure this is always necessary. Church planter Andrew Jones cleverly says, ‘Any church that cannot get by without buildings, finances and paid experts is not fully being church.’ Having a building, some shared money, and some paid staff doesn’t preclude you from being an effective church, but if your church would be lost without them, there is a core problem.”

The drive for a building is what frustrates me about many of the groups that currently meet in schools or homes. But I can't much add to the concise analysis quoted above.

This morning in church my friend and I were discussing how each week the announcements get longer and longer. I've figured out that there is a cycle in my church: the pastors realize the time spent on announcements is getting out of hand and forbid all but the most essential statements. Then it drifts into free for all, and then degrades into rambling, vague summaries that last forever. She argued we don't need verbal announcements at all, and I countered with the observable fact that only the already informed few read their bulletins, so no one will know what is happening without being told out loud.

Then I made a revolutionary suggestion. Maybe we should get the word out by social networking, person-to-person communication. It goes along with the paid staff clause above. My friend agreed, but warned that would mean bonding. "Yeah, I mean, being the church, something biblical," I added sarcastically.

So am I part of the fix, or part of the problem?

To God be all glory.

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