Sunday, October 01, 2006

Paul of 2 Corinthians

Are there some voices in your life that go in one ear and out the other? Mom says something and you totally didn't hear? This is the opposite of those voices that always hold your attention, no matter how hard you try to ignore them.

2 Corinthians is like that for me. I read it over and over, and nothing about it ever sticks. I study, and memorize. Some verses from 2 Corinthians which I heard in other contexts I remember. But whenever I go looking for them, I can't find them. Their references go in one ear and out the other.

Recently I read The Book on Leadership by John MacArthur. It is a biography of Paul with emphasis on his leadership style, and the characteristics that made him a leader. MacArthur says that 2 Corinthians is very biographical, and so used it a lot. The book was great, and a lot of the principles keep resurfacing as I am in ministries at my church, especially in joint responsibilities with other Christians who must submit to one another while acknowledging the differing gifts (including leadership) among the group. Alas, I still do not remember much specifically about 2 Corinthians.

Another great book for visualizing the life of Paul was The Shipwreck of Paul by Robert Cornuke. This book mixes historical narrative with personal accounts of the authors search for the wreckage of one of Paul's several voyages. He took the Bible and used it as a map, along with data and local legend, to find the boat. I recommend it.

To God be all glory.

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I know! It's so hard to remember so many specifics, and when I find really good verses, I write them down in a notebook; but then, I find so many, how do I find them in my notebook!??!!? Constantly it's like, "Hey! There's a verse about that...but where?"

Glad to know someone else shares my dilemma!

See ya later!